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Welcome to Online Angelz Chat Room. Free online chat room where you can chat free with boys and girls without registration, free live chat room for finding new friends online.

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Online Chatting

Online chatting is an activity known for leisure and fun where chatters around the world visit chatting websites and have gossips with other users. Online chatting comes in play especially when one does not want to reveal its identity. The purpose of such chatting is to exhaust one’s worries without others knowing the actual identification of a chatter. Online chatting is different from other chatting platforms such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Badoo, Viber or other such desktop or mobile applications where the user must have to have its account be it an alias or with its real identity, but for online chatting, one does not have to have a permanent account. A user can visit chatting website any time with any nick she likes to opt.

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Angelz Chat Room

Like many other chat rooms available on internet, Angelz Chat Room is also a chat place which can be used to chat with other people around the globe. There are lots of other chat rooms with international users especially from US, UK, Canada, European Countries including Germany, Greece, France etc. such chat rooms are usually less accessible for people of sub-continent due to language barriers. Users from Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh and Bhutan and other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Iran are more willing to join chat rooms particularly know as a “Desi Chat Room” or the ones with users from Asia and especially Sub-Continent. Why is that so? Its because of the common grounds, languages and culture as one prefers to mingle around with people with some common grounds.

But that’s not what Angelz Chat Room is known for as chatting and fun is a main aim of every other chat room available on internet. What makes us unique is our niche of making Angelz Chat Room as a place best known for something we term as “Know-Fun”. This means that users can have fun and chit chat while they are interested in increasing their knowledge whether it is a subject knowledge or General Knowledge (GK). The admin team at Angelz Chat Room is a hand-picked pool of people who are excelled in their respective domains, best at managing / moderating online chat and hospitable in treating new users.

How Angelz Chat Room Works

Its as simple as opening Youtube?. Just open your desktop / laptop / or mobile browser and type and that’s it. Choose a nickname of your choice and enter in to a world of fun and knowledge. Do you want to chat with opposite gender? Go ahead. Do you want to chat with people with similar language, knowledge base, or any other mutual grounds? Go ahead. We warmly welcome all of you to visit and explore the world of your desires. Although we do not restrict users from any age, but we recommend it to be 15 years or above to visit our chat room. That’s not all, you can listen to the vibes of world. Listen to the best of best music of your choice. Ping to our RJs and make them your requests played on air. Let your friends listen to the music with your name.

Interested in more? Be an RJ then. Do you think you have a capability to entertain listeners, join our team as an RJ or DJ. We will give you an opportunity to prove yourself and increase your fan-base. You can also join us as our admin / moderator but for that matter you must become a permanent member i.e. to register yourself and be a user for at least three months or so. Besides you must be 18 years or above and possess a graduate degree at minimum.

Some Precautions

Online chatting is a fun but let us remind you that please do not forget your privacy and security at the cost of this fun. Always chat with people who you trust, or you have a comfort zone with them. Please make sure that you do not share your personal details unless you completely trust a person, or it is highly necessary. We urge you to refrain from sharing your personal details and beware AngelzChatRoom.Com or its team cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the information if you share it. Any activity of sharing your information will be on your own.

Finally we wish you a happy “Know-Fun” journey with us.