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A chatroom is a place where you can meet people from different cultures, traditions, and countries. You can have some good and relaxing time also could enhance your knowledge about people and the world. Here you can also know the mentality of people from different countries, their thoughts, also their beliefs. Today’s world is all about technology, socializing, and building new networks. For that Angelz Chatroom is welcoming you.

Why to Choose Angelz Chatroom?

I know there are thousands of Chatrooms out there and while reading this article of course this question will be raised in your mind. Why choose the Angelz Chat room? I will answer this question in detail additionally, will tell about its layout and features too

Family Chatroom

In Angelz chatroom, we make sure there must be a good environment for our users, no one breaking rules in this regard. There is no place for people who try to ruin the environment of the room. So our users can Interact with good people and make good friends. They could enjoy a positive time, feel refreshing, and relaxing away from their work even for a short time.

Administration and Staff

Our Staff is very cooperative, super quick, and always available for users. If you face any difficulty while using the room, need any type of help, or have issues with another user. Our Staff is always there to help you. If you have issues with staff or a staff member Administration is always available for users.

Mr. Ðɘvɩɭ ĸɩŋg and Mr.Kaka are owners of the room. Both are friendly, calm and their user’s comfort is always their first priority. They are hard-working guys, always looking to add new features and give more entertainment options to users. We also have female members in Administrations as Super Web Admin and Owners to help female users and guests.

User’s Privacy

In other chatrooms, you may hear about the reading of private messages, for instance, it’s true too. But for our chatroom, I assured you that you will never face such a problem. Our first priority is your privacy and you really don’t need to worry about that in Angelz Chatroom.

Features and layout

We have a new, different, and fascinating layout. And as told above owners always keep updating the room and adding new features. Even right now we have many interesting features.

Login Page

When you enter the room. First, you will see a mesmerizing login page. Here, you get options login, guest, register, and there is also an option to get the android app. If you don’t want to register no worries you can enter the room as a guest. But for a registered user, you obviously have more exciting options.

Angelz Chat Room | Online Chat Room | Angelz Chat Room Login Page
Angelz Chat Room Login Page

Main Chatroom

Now, Here you are at an attractive, conspicuous, and uniquely designed Chatroom. you can chat and interact with people here. There are different options you get as a registered user here.

Angelz Chat Room | Online Chat Room | Angelz Chat Room Main Page
Angelz Chat Room Main Chat


By clicking at + sign at the left bottom there is a dice option. This option is added for entertainment purpose. Users can try out their luck by rolling dice and rolling dice would increase or decrease your Quiz bot points.


At + Sign, there is also a youtube option available. You can search YouTube songs from here even if you don’t like songs on Radio. After selecting the song this song will be sent in Main Chatroom. You can listen to them while enjoying your chat.

Quiz Bot

In the main chat room, there is Quiz Bot added. It asks questions after every five minutes. This is also an entertaining bot but with that, it increases users’ knowledge. At every right answer, you will get 5 points. This will bring your nick up at the leader board of quiz scores. Users can see quiz Scores at the left top menu.


We have a radio added in our room. There are more than 300 songs added to it which are being played 24/7. Except for that, we also have RJs and DJs shows. You can request a song of your choice to be played on the radio at the time of their shows.

Other Main Chatroom Options

At the left top, you see the menu from there, you can post stories that are available for 24 hours, Quiz scores, friends’ stories, additionally, you can see news about new features added. Shows of RJs & DJs etc.

My Profile

At the right bottom, you can see many options, and here, you can edit your profile according to your choice. Here can manage who can pm you, can change the theme if you want. Can select a profile Music so whenever someone visits your profile they are welcomed with that music, can also set profile picture. Add or remove friends, Can manage sounds you want to listen to from the room for Example pm sound, main chat sound, notification sounds, user Name sounds. From your profile, you can also select the language you want your profile to be in. Moreover, you can edit email, can change passwords and can also put your profile in deletion if you want.

Angelz Chat Room | Online Chat Room | Angelz Chat Room Profile Page
Angelz Chat Room Profile Menu

Ranking System

In profile and at your dp you can see level number. The administration Uses this level to increase your rank. This level basically increases with your activeness on main and with how much regular you are in Room. With the increase in rank, you get more exciting options. For example, you get the option of private messaging, can change your name color and font. Send painted noted to main and many more.

Daily blogs

Read daily blogs about news, beauty, social issues, technology, health, beauty and many more Socialized Trends. We not only entertain our users but also, try to keep them in touch with latest news, technology and keep them selves up to date.